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You are welcome to the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Jesus House Eastern Shore where we are always abounding in love and serving one another. We are located in the city of Salisbury on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland. Salisbury is about thirty minute drive from Ocean City and two hours driving distance to Washington DC, the nation’s capital. It is at the crossroads of Delmarva Peninsula.
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Dear Family,

Blessed be God who has preserved us through yet another month, the eighth month of this year. Remember that the God who was with you in January is still your God today. His covenant promises concerning you have not changed and He has not forgotten His word to you. He made Gideon to prevail over His enemies with only 300 men. Know for sure that the resources in your hand right now are what our God will use to give you victory over every situation and circumstance that confront you this month. He did it for Moses with a rod and He did it for David with a sling. He will surely do it for you. Claim your victory now. Happy new month and Remain blessed.

Pastor Bolaji

Worship Services
Every Sunday (10:00am EST)
Digging Deep
Every Tuesday (7:00pm EST)
Thanksgiving Service
First Sunday of every month (10:00am EST)
6130 Hobbs Road
Salisbury, MD 21804

Tel: 443 944 8621
Email: info@jhes.org
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