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Posted on July 20, 2014 21:33
SUNDAY JULY 20, 2014

Pastor Bolaji Okulate 

(Gen. 2: 1 – 17)

Introduction: According to Pastor Mensah Otabil, one of the certainties of life is that we must make choices. Some are deliberate and some are unconscious. An average man makes about 100,000 choices every day. A choice is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with 2 or more possibilities. There has to be options and preferences in order to make choices. When there are no options, life is simple. Making a choice is always difficult. However, God created us to make choices and He expects us to choose right (Luke 22:41-43, Deut. 30:19-20). Moses instructed the people to choose life instead of death, blessing instead of cursing. In Luke 22:41-43, Jesus had to make a choice to die on the cross. In these passages, we learn that we are created with a free will. We have a conscience and have the ability to make right choices and God does not want to force us into doing His will. There are three big choices we have to make in life and if we do our lives we go right.            
1. Choose what to feed on. What we allow into our system will form our personality. In Gen. 2:115-17, God gave Adam the free will to choose what to eat. The words we hear and feed on will affect our lives positively or negatively. We cannot listen to every word, watch every movie or listen to every music. If we feed our mind on failure, we will fail and if we feed our mind with faith, we will have faith.           
2. Choose how to call the things that come our way. In Gen. 2:19, God gave power to name all organisms. Life will give us a lot of things but we must call things the way God calls them. Poverty is a state of mind. If we call ourselves strong, we will be strong. If we call ourselves sick, we will be sick. The script we accept as our role will determine how we act in life. Our family may give us a script of poverty but we have to choose the script of prosperity.   
3. Choose who we to welcome into our lives. Many people will be presented with many relationships but we have to choose our friends because friendship is not by force. In Gen. 2:21-23, Adam made a choice to welcome Eve into her life. People are a package, they come into our lives with all kinds of ideas. When Eve entered into Adam's life, his life changed. God does not interfere with our choices, whether they are good or bad. Adam recognized that Eve was a gift from God even though she got him into trouble. Whatever situation that comes into our lives is such the glory of The Lord may be manifested.


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